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What Exactly Is in an S&P 500 Index Fund

If you read a few personal finance and investing blogs, they’ll generally recommend that you invest in mutual funds for diversification.  Diversification means to spread your money out to several different investments rather than just buying a few investments.  The reason for this is two-fold: If you have a lot of money in one or […]

Why Rich People Don’t Smoke

Ever notice that rich people don’t smoke.  I’m not talking about some Hollywood star or starlet who receives millions from each picture – many of them are smoking cigarettes and a lot worse things.  I’m also not talking about some futures trader who makes a million dollar bonus each year, or some partner in a […]

Tipping, from the Customer Perspective

Chocolate Fondue Tipping is largely an American practice. Servers in Europe are paid more in their regular paycheck and as a result customers generally only tip a small amount, and then only if the service is exceptional. In either case, the customer is the one paying the money, either directly as a tip or in […]

No Company 401k? No Problem!

So, maybe you work for a small employer who doesn’t offer a 401k or a pension plan.  Or maybe you’re in high school at your first job, making just a little above minimum wage, and even though it’s a big company like Walmart or McDonald’s, the job just doesn’t include a 401k plan.  Looks like […]


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