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Why Inflation is Here to Stay a While and How to Handle your Money

Cell phones are great and let us keep in touch like never before. But for many parents they have become leashes to help them monitor and control their children like never before. Where they would just need to call home if they were going to be home after curfew or if their plans changed, many parents check in with their kids constantly. Others use content monitoring apps and even tracking software to keep tabs on their kids. This has created a generation of over controlling parents which can extend into young adulthood or further for the kids.

Think like a Customer, Not an Employee. Because You Are.

For some reason, some people see an adversarial relationship between themselves and “the boss” or “the company.” They complain about needing to “work that 9 to 5” and “the boss man” always giving them grief. There are numerous country songs about slaving away at work for the evil “boss man” who will never give you […]

Start Investing Today! Three Easy Steps to Get Started

When he was in high school, my son started an illicit chip business.  No, he wasn’t selling pirated computer chips he’d imported illegally from Asia and snuck in without paying tariffs.  He was selling potato and corn chips out of his jacket at school between classes.  As is always the case when you have an over-oppressive government […]

How to Manage your 401k; Be an Investing Ninja

Many people manage their 401k accounts poorly.  The majority manage them adequately.  A few manage them well.  Then there are the investing ninjas.  Investing ninjas do everything right to ensure themselves the maximum return and a more than comfortable retirement.  Being an investing ninja takes a little more time than just being an adequate or […]


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