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Guest Posts

Would you like to write an article for The Small Investor?  Doing so can help you gain exposure to more readers and provide quality links back to your blog or website.  We will accept quality articles on investing and personal finance topics from other personal finance bloggers and publish them free of charge.  These must be:

  1.  Original, high-quality articles (not random posts about your day)
  2. Written about topics relevant to investing and personal finance
  3. Not just be an advertisement for a product or service.
  4. Not contain more than three links to your site.
  5. Not contain any affiliate links.
  6. Be written by you.

We are not interested in spam articles designed to just get people to buy a product or use a service.  We are not interested in SEO firms trying to get their client’s page ranking up by posting articles on numerous sites.  We want honest bloggers who want to get their name out and help drive traffic to their site through guest posts, not marketing pieces or people trying to game Google’s system.  If we sense that you are an SEO firm or otherwise just sending out spam to try to get hits, your submission will not be accepted.  Note that since we get many requests, we will not have time to reply to all requests, especially if we feel the request is spam.

Successful submissions will include:

  1. An idea of an original article you would like to submit with a description of how it relates to the other material on and the purpose of the Small Investor.  Topics of interest include investing, budgeting and personal finance, kids and money, inexpensive hobbies, saving money, and other related topics.  A list of areas you could write about will not result in an acceptance.  We want specific ideas.
  2. A link to your website, showing that you are a legitimate blogger and not a PR firm.

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Paid Articles and Links

Want to advertise your site on The Small Investor? We accept paid guest posts and will post paid links to your website or product in an article of your choice. The costs are:

Guest Post:

$25 for a permanent post (Guaranteed at least 1 year)

$15 for a link in an article