Recommended Books on Investing

Want to learn to invest or get better at investing?  Here are some of the best books I found to improve my investing.  Buy a copy through the links below (or buy anything from Amazon after clicking on one of the links in the same visit) and we’ll get a small commission from Amazon.  But don’t worry – it won’t cost you anything extra.  What a great way to help keep The Small Investor going while improving your life!

Learn the basics of investing, like what stocks and bonds are and the risks involved in investing in different types of assets, then how to use investing to reach financial independence, where you no longer need to rely on a paycheck to pay for things.

Learn value investing from the master (Warren Buffet’s mentor):

Learn from a Wall Street legend:

Learn how to make real money in the markets from on old pro:

Great book on charting and investment psychology, plus a look into what it is like to be a trader:

Where you learn that the news doesn’t matter, but beta does:

Learn how real millionaires live (you probably know a few and don’t realize it):

OK, This one isn’t on investing, but if you don’t learn the lessons provided, it won’t matter if you know how to invest:

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