We’re Looking for Partners

We’ve got a couple of books we’re very proud of, FIREd by Fifty: How to Create the Cash Flow You Need to Retire Early and the
SmallIvy Book of Investing: Book1: Investing to Grow Wealthy.  We’re proud of these books because they provide the information someone needs to become financially independent within their working lifetime (before normal retirement age) if they start when they are in their 20’s or 30’s.  Those in their later years can also benefit from the investing knowledge and cash management advice these books provide, like how to manage your portfolio in retirement to generate the cash flow you need while making your portfolio last.  There’s just one issue:  Getting this knowledge out there to the public who can use it.

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When we go out into the community and talk to people, we find that many, many people want to do something to make their financial lives better.  They know that they can manage their money better, but just don’t know how.  When you tell them that they could have a million dollars or more in the bank by the time that they’re 45, they’re amazed.  When you mention stocks and mutual funds, they tell you that they want to start investing but don’t really know how.  Others have someone managing their money for them but have no clue what they’re doing and wouldn’t know if their manager was competent or was just selling them products for a commission.  And yet, getting people to actually read and learn, then put that knowledge into practice, is a challenge.

This is where we need your help

There are a lot of people out there in the personal finance blog world trying to turn their interest into their new career.  They want to quit their day job and start working from home for themselves.  Perhaps you want to blog fulltime about personal finance and budgeting and sell ads.  Maybe you are working on improving your own finances and you want to make a little side income blogging about your progress.  Maybe, like us, you are doing well and want to help others out on their financial journey.

We’re looking for people who want to teach others and need materials to use for their classes.  Are you a life coach who wants to help families manage their money as well?  Perhaps you want to have a multi-week course in your city where you have ten to thirty students paying to learn about budgeting.  Maybe you want to do an online course or release a series of podcasts for a subscription fee.  Or maybe you want to work with people, one-on-one, and help them set up a budget and get their retirement accounts going.

We’d like to help provide the needed materials to you so that you can focus on the logistics of getting your class going or running your podcast.  You would get the materials you need to help people learn how to invest, get their financial houses in order, or plan for their financial futures.  In exchange, we get our materials out there where they can help people.

What would this cost?

The cost for you would be:  Absolutely Free!  You would be free to use our materials for your class, webinar, or consulting work without paying any sort of licensing fee.  All that we would ask is that you use our materials in your classes and recommend our books to your students.  The books would be the textbooks for your course, we’d provide you with the lecture notes which you could tailor to meet your needs, and we’d provide you access to the FIREd by Fifty cash flow spreadsheet for your students to use if you choose include cash flow management in your class/seminar/consulting.

Sound interesting?

If this sounds like something you’d like learn more about, use the contact form below to get in touch.  We’ll set up a telecon to discuss the details.  Once we verify that you’re serious about setting up a class, webinar, or otherwise teach personal finance and that our materials would be a good fit, we can send you copies of the books and help train you on the materials within them.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.