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The Small Investor

When I started this blog about five years ago, my plan was to teach people how to invest and manage their cash flow to allow them to become financially independent.  This is the state where you are making enough money from your investments, and have paid enough of your loans off, to not need to work to sustain your lifestyle.  Since that time I have posted hundreds of articles and the blog has received hundreds of thousands of views.

Along the way, however, I realized that the scope of the blog needed to be expanded because the need was greater than the original focus.  Middle class Americans, along with those individuals in foreign countries that enjoy at least some economic freedom, have the ability to become financially independent if they make the right choices of how they handle their money.  And really, most people have the ability to enter the middle class in America if they make the right choices when they’re young, such as completing school, and getting to work when they are young adults.  This is because of financial freedom where you have the ability to make more by efficiently using your personal capabilities.

Things have been changing in America, however, where people have been giving away that ability in an effort for an easier life.  You see, freedom provides opportunity, but freedom also requires responsibility.  Being paid based on what you produce provides the opportunity to grow your income by working harder or gaining skills to allow you to be more efficient, but it also means that you need to put in the work to provide for yourself and your family.  Some individuals want to have a comfortable life but don’t want to put in the effort required under an economically free society.

Many people today are falling for the false notion that the government can magically provide for you without any effort on your part.  In actuality, you will always be the one doing the providing.  It is just a matter of whether you just produce and keep the goods for yourself, or you give the product of your work to the government and then have them give the portion that they choose back to you, minus the salaries of all of the people involved in distributing the goods.  When the government is collecting and distributing the money, you lose the ability to choose the less expensive option and invest the rest.  Also, if you make more the government just takes the excess, so you never have extra left over.  This is an impediment to becoming financially independent, which requires saving and investing, so an additional goal of the blog is to explain this false economics so that people can make better decisions in the policies they choose to support.

I’ll still be providing articles on how to invest and how to budget to have money left over to invest.  I’ll also discuss planning financially for retirement.  There will also be more articles on stock picking as I work on my second book that will be all about how to choose stocks that fit the serious investing model that I discuss in my first book.  I’ll just add articles on how to use this great thing we have called free enterprise to achieve the American dream of rising from poverty to wealth over a generation or two and discuss some of the forces trying to take away that dream from the next generation.

America has been a wonderful place because you don’t need to be born into a certain family or a certain caste to become wealthy.  You just need to learn skills, work hard, and manage your money effectively.  The goal of this blog is to preserve that ideal while sowing readers how to take full advantage.  I hope you’ll continue of the journey with me.

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I’ll be happy to answer questions people have and post on specific areas of interest, so please feel free to add comments and questions.  For questions, either use the form or email me at vtsioriginal@yahoo.com). Note that these will be answered as future blog posts so please check back.  Also note that by submitting a question you are agreeing to have your question printed on the blog, although I will only print first names for privacy.  Finally note that I will not provide specific investing advice because I don’t know your specific situation.  So questions like “I have $10,000.  Where should I invest it?” will not be answered, but questions like “What are some good ways to reduce risk when investing?” “Why do they recommend you increase the amount of bonds you hold when you get older?” or “What are some good ways to save for college?” are likely to be answered.

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to give financial planning advice, it gives information on a specific investment strategy and picking stocks. It is not a solicitation to buy or sell stocks or any security.  Financial planning advice should be sought from a certified financial planner, which the author is not. All investments involve risk and the reader as urged to consider risks carefully and seek the advice of experts if needed before investing.

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    1. Obviously I won’t give a number, but I will say that I am doing well using The Millionaire Next Door’s criteria for net worth versus age and income level. Really though, even if I were dead broke, that wouldn’t mean my advice were wrong, provided I were not following it in that case. A chain smoker who tells you that cigarettes are bad for you isn’t wrong.

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