Seven Simple Financial Truths

The Small Investor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn America, we see places like Detroit that should stand as lessons on why Socialism does not work, and yet they seem to go ignored.  Detroit has been under staunch Liberal control for decades.  It has been turned from one of the strongest American cities with a population of 1.8 M into an urban wasteland with a population of less than 800 thousand.  Houses go for a few thousand each, but no one dares to buy because they know the city will swoop in to extract any taxes they can if any money flows into the city.

The issue with Socialist plans is that they ignore fundamental economic principles.  You create the most wealth when most people are working.  The way you get most people to work is to require them to so in order to get basic necessities.  The more people who are working, the more there is to…

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