Why Buy-And-Hold is the Best Strategy for Investors, Small and Large

The Small Investor

Among people who buy individual stocks, there are a lot of people who think of it as some sort of game.  They enjoy taking a position, watching it like a hawk, and then jumping out.  They are hoping that the stocks they buy will go up almost instantly, then ideally come crashing down after they sell so that they don’t feel like they missed out by selling too soon.   They watch constantly for news, trying to out think the thousands of professional traders who have all sorts of information and trading tools at their fingertips.  They want to have war stories about their trades to share around the office.

Other people who get into stock investing try to develop a system, much as some do at the craps table.  They hold a stock for a while, then sell if they make 10 or 20%.  They sell if they lose…

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