Be an Evil Capitalist So You Can Do Good

The Small Investor

The phrase, “Evil Capitalist,” has been used so often it has become a bromide.  In a recent exchange on a blog the person I was discussing issues with stated that “Capitalism was a predator, going out and devouring others unless properly harnessed by regulations.”  Indeed, when we think of a rich person many of us think of Scrooge McDuck, sitting in his vault on his piles of gold.

As stated previously in this blog, however, in actuality those who succeed in a Capitalist society are for the most part those who have helped a lot of people.  More than just altruism, just by the nature of their work they have met the needs of many people.

A person who owns a gas station may become wealthy if the gas station is located in a location that is convenient to a lot of people.  This means that he is meeting the needs…

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