The Conservative’s Welfare Plan

I was just reading that entitlement spending, which includes welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is starting to swamp the Federal budget. As far as the welfare component goes, I think there is a better way to take care of people that would also take a little bit of the pressure off of the Federal budget by making things more efficient. I call it The Conservative’s Welfare Plan and I wrote about it last summer. Here is a repeat for those who missed it.

The Small Investor

Let’s face it – welfare just isn’t working.  There is a lot of money being spent, but a lot of it is being wasted, to the point that kids are showing up at school hungry despite all of the food assistance money being sent to their households.  The issue is the same one that is always seen when you try to run something through central planning – those setting up the program don’t have the ability or the time to customize it for every person or region, so they create something that really doesn’t work for everyone.  In addition, the power created through centralization leads to fraud and abuse.  We need a better way to do welfare.

Some people are incapable of taking care of themselves and therefore need to be handed food, clothing, shelter, etc….  Others could take care of themselves but choose to game the system instead, taking…

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