How to Handle A Large Inheritance in a Marriage

A great post from a couple of years back – still applicable today.

The Small Investor

Receiving a large inheritance is supposed to be a blessing, but in some ways it can become more of a curse.  Having a large amount of money is a big responsibility, and those who are not ready for that responsibility can find themselves depressed, angry, and just out-of-control.  Add in a spouse – especially with a different family background from yourself, and things can get really difficult.

Handling the money itself is actually quite simple.  I’ve often referred to the Parable of the Pipeline, a story which describes setting up pipelines to allow water to be drawn when desired without the labor of carrying buckets (working).  In other words, investing the money in things that will allow you to draw an income from it without spending the principle.  The best thing to do with any kind of wealth is to set it up as a “pipeline” and then using…

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