Traveling For Work as a Breadwinning Mom – Leaving Guilt Behind

Interesting post from the Chief Mom Officer on business travel as a mom who is the primary breadwinner while the husband takes what I see as the more important job of raising the children. I especially like that she points to reasons to travel for business as ways to enhance your career and thereby provide more for your family. It is always important to remember the reasons we leave the cave to hunt in a society that tends to place more importance on the hunt than on the reason why we’re hunting.
I always make the most of any business trip I take, working overtime and using my time to get as much done as I can. I think most people I talk to do the same, which certainly doesn’t make business travel anything like a vacation.

Chief Mom Officer

I mentioned last week in my post wondering whether you splurge or go frugal on work travel that I just came back from a week-long business trip. Back when my youngest son was a baby, I traveled to a conference in San Diego for a week-while he was still nursing. I’ve been traveling for work now for years, for periods of time ranging from a very long day to a week, and I’ve never felt guilt about it. But traveling for work can be difficult, guilt-ridden, and sometimes impossible for moms – so I thought I’d address it head-on today.

IMG_2557 “Head On” – Get it? This is from San Diego.

Traveling For Work as a Breadwinning Mom

First things first – my work travel situation and perspective isn’t the same as many other moms. That’s because I have a husband who’s a stay at home dad, and who’s more…

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