Saving Money For Kids – A Primer On Kids Accounts

Great rundown of the different types of children’s savings/investment accounts by the Chief Mom Officer.

Chief Mom Officer

Good morning all! Over the weekend I was talking on Twitter with my friends Penny from She Picks Up Pennies (pssst….did you miss her breadwinning mom interview here?) and ZJ Thorne about all the different kinds of accounts you can use to save money for kids. They both had a lot of questions – likely more than can be answered in 140 characters – although I did try! From doing my own research on saving money for kids, I know for a fact that it’s really hard to find good information on this subject that’s both consolidated and explained in a simple, straightforward way. Enter Chief Mom Officer.

As the mother of three kids ages 13, 9, and 2, saving money for kids is a subject I’ve researched a lot over the years. There are so many different options for kids accounts, and they all have different pros/cons, that…

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Comments appreciated! What are your thoughts? Questions?

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