Is Camping The Ultimate Frugal Vacation? (Plus Five Tips For Starting Camping Without Going Broke)

How to save big on vacations, from the Chief Mom Officer Blog.

If you decide to go camping, here are some items I’d recommend (click on each for a full description):

Many decide a hammock is more comfortable than a tent, plus it is lighter for backpacking (plus no ground pad required):

A collapsible dish washing set is really convenient:


This little wood-burning stove is a great way to heat up some water for tea or coffee without wasting a lot of propane:

This is a neat little lantern that you can recharge with the sun, and also use to recharge your phone:

You’ll find you’ll have lots of wet stuff to hang, so a clothesline that can handle a lot of clothes is handy:

Because you’ll want to make smores, and those sticks you find in the woods are questionable:

I always like a propane or kerosene lantern, but LEDs are really convenient:

This is just crazy-cheap for a tent, but would be good for a first tent until you decide if you really like camping or not:

Once you decide you do, these tents will be lighter and have better poles and seams:

Chief Mom Officer

As I write this, the CMO clan just got back from camping in Connecticut near to Rhode Island. We first started camping right after my husband got sick and almost died five years ago. When he was young, his family of six would go camping every summer in Rhode Island, but my family had never been camping when I was young. In fact my own mother still can’t understand why I enjoy camping. Every year she talks to me about how I need to buy a camper, or perhaps camp somewhere with air conditioning, or maybe go on a vacation somewhere more fun (because camping outside couldn’t possibly be fun).

IMG_0370 Not having fun at Block Island, a day trip from the camp site

And sure, camping has its downsides. Bugs. Rain. Cold. Heat. Noisy campsites with inconsiderate neighbors. I have been known to once proclaim, in a bad camping…

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