These Personal Finance Books Are All The Same

Definitely true that a lot of the personal finance books are the same, but then again parents teach about as much about personal finance to their kids as they teach about sex, so it is no wonder that there is a lot of basic material out there. For some good books on how to manage money, once you have some, check out my “Books on Investing” page, or pick up a copy of the SmallIvy Book of Investing.

Chief Mom Officer

What is a 401k? An IRA? Why should you open an emergency fund? What’s the difference between a ROTH and a traditional IRA? How much will your credit card debt cost you over time? Is it better to pay down loans or invest? What are the different types of student loans? How does compound interest work? What is the Rule of 72?

As longtime readers know, on Saturdays I usually do a review of a book that I’ve read – sharing the lessons inside and trying to give you an idea of the target audience so you can decide whether you should pick it up, skip it, take it from the library, or give it to a friend/family member.

To be honest I’ve spent too much time lately focused on the Personal Finance book genre.  It was after reading this latest book, and finding so little new information in it…

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