Amazing Coffee – On The Cheap

Definitely saving money on coffee by setting yourself up to brew a good cup at home is the way to go. I can’t believe people buy a $6 cup each day from Starbucks. No wonder most people aren’t ready when retirement time comes. Thanks for the tips.

Chief Mom Officer

Coffee. Coffee and I are friends. Best friends since I was a teenager, in fact.


I drink my coffee black – no cream and no sugar. The stronger the better. Drinking coffee black means that you really taste it, and that you really, really hate bad coffee. Bad coffee tastes bitter – like dirty water.

So we’ve established that I love good coffee. Does this mean that I go to Starbucks every day, or that I own a fancy coffee machine? Nope. I have three pieces of equipment that I use every single day to have amazing coffee at a low price.

More Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better

Just for fun, I decided to peruse Google shopping Coffee Machine offerings. What did I find there but a lovely assortment of expensive machinery, including:

The k-cup…

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