Friday Night Poetry

ImNormal Cash Flowpulse Buying

In your cart:

A dozen bananas, very ripe,

A Clancy Novel, large print type,

A dozen eggs, spare cribbage pegs, some markers – blues and blacks,

A Hair ribbon set, variety pack,

A child’s car seat, detachable back,

A lobster – live, a Chia tribe, stain guarded Khaki slacks.

A car battery, ultra last,

A Grease recording, original cast,

Gold Christmas bells, red shotgun shells, unsweeted grapefruit juice,

The Friends box set, years one thru ten,

A Barbie Doll set with neutered Ken,

A Mighty Mite, some bagel bites, a tiny Chinese spruce.

For what you came you’ve quite forgotten –

You’re in the spell of Samuel Walton.



          God Plants the Seeds

God plants the seeds, and I help them grow;

I water them weekly and tend every row.

The seedlings I shelter ‘til the weather gets warm;

I block wind and hard rains, and protect them from harm.

As they age I support them and help them grow tall;

I keep out the weeds, prop them up when they fall.

As they flower and fruit, then they need my help less,

But I’ll be there to help them through drought and through stress.

I tend them from Spring, ‘til the first Winter’s snow,

As I wait for the harvest, and my turn to go.

Comments appreciated! What are your thoughts? Questions?

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