The Top Ten Most Shared Small Investor Posts

Sharing of posts on The Small Investor has exploded!  Thank you!   For the first few years I gathered maybe 80 shares total.  The site is now often seeing hundreds of shares per day.  I’m glad that people are seeing something informative, interesting, or just fun and sharing it with their friends on FaceBook, Twitter, or Reddit.  One of the main reasons for this site is to give individuals the knowledge needed to invest and grow their wealth and maybe help change the US from a nation of debtors into a nation of self-reliant millionaires.  Sharing posts and getting the word out helps that happen.  If you’d like to share a post, just use the buttons below the post and off it goes.

By the way, if you think this is just a commercial to get more views for the site so I can make more money, realize that I’m not currently getting any ad revenue at all.  The money for any ads you see go to WordPress.  The only way I get anything is if people buy a book, but I’m happy even if you don’t if I’m helping you become better with money management and investing.

Here are the most shared posts on The Small Investor.  Those who choose to count will see that there are actually 11 instead of 10, because there was a tie for the tenth position.  Obviously the thing most people want to know about is how much in needed to invest, how to invest small and large amounts($2,000 and $10,000), and things like how to calculate capital gains.  I’m glad to see some of my favorite posts, such as whether the Pope’s speech was anti-capitalist, what a rich person would say versus what a poor person would say, and best of all, the correct definition of a correction and a bull market also made the list.  These are some of my favorite posts because they present a view often lacking in newspapers and TV reports.

Please enjoy reading these posts if you have not already.  And if you want to, share with a friend!  SI

Title Shares
How Much Money Do I Need to Invest in Stocks? 98
Is the Pope Anti-Capitalist? 24
Investing with $2000 23
Rich People Don’t Smoke 21
A Correction vs. a Bear Market 21
What Poor People Say; What Rich People Say 19
How to Calculate Capital Gains and Losses from Stock Investing 19
What is a Good Mutual Fund for a Mid-Life Investor? 18
Why the National Debt is a Bubble 17
What Kind of Stocks Should You Buy Now with the Fiscal Cliff Looming 17
How to invest $100,000 in Stock – Starting from a large Cash Position 17

Comments appreciated! What are your thoughts? Questions?

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