We Need more Bucket Carriers and Pipeline Builders

A personal Favorite from a year and a half ago. Still true today.

The Small Investor

We used to be a nation with an extraordinary number of pipeline builders.  People who saw a need and found a way to fill it.  People who would come over from Ireland, or England, or Germany, or Zimbabwe, or Ethiopia with just the clothes on their backs  and build a great company.  We had some people who literally swam out of Vietnam or Cuba for a chance at freedom and a better life.

Beyond the pipeline builders who built the great factories, retail chains, banks, and restaurants we also had a great number of bucket carriers.  People who worked hard for eight to ten hours per day for a chance at a better life for their children.  People who moved themselves from poverty to middle class life.  They were able to buy a nice house, a couple of cars, and take nice vacations due to their hard word.  Many sent their…

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