The Stages of the Financial Life of a Future Millionaire

Here’s an older post that I think should get a second look. Enjoy!

The Small Investor

Millionaires are not normal.  They are not special.  They are not lucky.  But they are not normal.

They don’t accept the “truths” of life.  That you must always have a car payment.  That you should buy the biggest house you can afford.  That you need to use a credit card to build your credit.  That you need to go to an expensive school and take out student loans to succeed.  That rich people have some special connections and that no one in the middle-class can ever become wealthy.

Future millionaires are weird.  They drive old cars and just don’t care what people think.  They bring their lunch and eat at their desks.  They buy modest, unremarkable houses in the established part of town and when they buy them they put down a big down-payment, or pay cash for the whole thing.  They don’t care about having the latest electronic gadgets. …

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