Love your Job or Leave It

I have a secret, I love my job.  I love going in on Mondays because I have the whole week ahead to try to make progress on my projects.  I get kind of sad on Fridays when I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.  It isn’t that I hate weekends, or don’t like to be around my family.  It is just that I really like what I do.

I am a rocket scientist, literally.  I think it is fun to think up things that don’t exist and then work towards building them.  I love seeing things through from a problem to be solved to something that actually flies or controls something or otherwise does something that nothing else has ever done before.  I love to look through data from a test and discover something that no one else knows.  I even like planning out projects, trying to take the big problems and break them down into little steps and little challenges that can be solved.

You may be thinking that I just love my job because it is a cool job, which is true.  But I have people around me in very similar jobs who hate their jobs.  They are always talking about Friday and can’t wait to hit the road at the end of the day.  The thing that kills me is when I give someone else a problem to solve because I just don’t have the time in the day to work on it only to have them do a lackluster job on it.  These are things that I would love to do – why wouldn’t someone jump into this with both feet?

Then again, I’ve met people who work other jobs that I would think were boring, but they are having the time of their lives doing them.  I’ve met janitors who are always smiling and whistling.  Perhaps they like having the same sort of routine each night and not having the pressure of making a lot of big decisions.  Maybe they like to be left alone and enjoy the solitude that comes from empty cubicles and darkened hallways.

The fact is, we’re all different and like different things.  Some people would love to be policemen, or air traffic controllers, or truck drivers.  Others would think it was boring or stressful.  Some people could care less about the work but love the people around them.

The fact is that we spend far too much of our time working to be doing something we truly hate.  But then again, people are only going to pay you if you are meeting some need they have, not doing something you want to do.  No one can make a living lying in a beach chair no matter how much you love doing it.  The trick is finding something you love to do that also meets a need.

It is not always even necessary to leave a job to find another you like better.  Many companies need a lot of different things done.  Often if you do a good job and simply ask you may get a chance to do something different with the same company.  Just remember to be patient but persistent.

Sometimes you have the power to make a better job for yourself without even changing positions.  Maybe you like planning but you are involved in day-to-day operations.  Maybe you can develop plans to make the day-to-day operations run smoother.

Another thing people do is to be involved with after work activities.  Someone who never moves beyond an entry line job may be in charge of a church group or a civic organization and get to shape the group exactly as they would like.

Everyone should find something they like to do.  What is your passion?

Do you love your job?  What do you love about it?

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