The Best of The Small Investor

The Small Investor has now been published for about a year and a half.  It that time there have been tens of thousands of views – thank you!  I hope that it has been informative and useful.

Today I thought I’d post some links to the posts that have received the most views.

The top post is How Much Money Do I Need to Invest in Stocks?  In this post I go over how much money is needed to invest in both individual stocks and mutual funds.  This post has had over 2800 views.

The second most-popular post was Is a Small Investor at a Disadvantage?  In this post I discuss how the small investor is actually at an advantage ot he mutual fund manager since he/she can invest in just his/her first picks while the manager needs to buy everything because of the amount of money he has to invest.  Apparently there are a lot of people wondering about this since there were over 1600 views.

Next in line is How Inflation Affects the Stock Market.  This has been a very popular post of late since there is a lot of deserved worry about inflation picking up.  This post has had over 1400 views.

Fourth and fifth in popularity were: 

Stock Price and Earnings – How Current and Future Earnings Affect Stock Price  and More stats 987

Price and Earnings – How to Predict Future Prices from PE and Earnings Growth Rate

These posts are very similar, describing how earnings are the driver behind price growth and how to use earnings predictions to predict price growth.

Other posts rounding otu the top ten were:

What Will Happen to Stocks if the Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised?   872
How Much Can I Make if I Invest $2000 in Stocks?   808
Investing to Grow Wealth Quickly by Getting Rich Slowly   752
Should I Borrow Against a Paid-Off House to Invest  


Comments appreciated! What are your thoughts? Questions?

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