Canadian Healthcare

There’s an interesting article on one former American’s experience in the Canadian Healthcare system:

I’d love to hear the views from those in Canada on this article and the healthcare system in general, given that we’ll be going that way soon in the States.  In particular, how are the wait times and how is the quality if you are hospitalized?  Also, how much are you paying each month towards healthcare (if you know), and do you see this directly in your paycheck as a separate tax or is it buried in other taxes?  Finally, how many people go to the US or elsewhere for care because the wait is too long in Canada?

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  1. Thinking of moving North?

    The healthcare in Canada is excellent, for the vast majority. It is one size fits all, and that is good. There are a few that is not as good. There are wait times, but many times, it makes no difference to the ultimate care, but is a PITA.

    Canadians have no idea how much health care costs, except for some unfathomable large health care number, or a percentage of GDP, which means nothing. It is included in our general taxes, which is one of the reasons which ours is much higher than yours.

    All in all, it is good, as the article says…

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