We Need more Bucket Carriers and Pipeline Builders

We used to be a nation with an extraordinary number of pipeline builders.  People who saw a need and found a way to fill it.  People who would come over from Ireland, or England, or Germany, or Zimbabwe, or Ethiopia with just the clothes on their backs  and build a great company.  We had some people who literally swam out of Vietnam or Cuba for a chance at freedom and a better life.

Beyond the pipeline builders who built the great factories, retail chains, banks, and restaurants we also had a great number of bucket carriers.  People who worked hard for eight to ten hours per day for a chance at a better life for their children.  People who moved themselves from poverty to middle class life.  They were able to buy a nice house, a couple of cars, and take nice vacations due to their hard word.  Many sent their children through college even though they were never able to go themselves.

Where have they all gone?  The America of today is nothing like the America that once was.  Young adults, who used to be chomping at the bit to get out of their parent’s house and start their own lives are now content to move back into their old rooms and play video games all day.  The pipeline builders, who once were the objects of admiration are now demonized for their success.

We see protesters at the town squares who set up shanty towns.  They protest although they don’t know why they are protesting, or who they are protesting.  They just feel that someone should come and fulfill their needs.  They never consider that the way to succeed in America is to figure out how to fulfill the needs of others.

The prosperity of society cannot be created by a few people who are willing to carry the buckets for everyone.  Prosperity will not be gained by tearing down the great pipelines that have already been built.  The wealth of society is based on what people are willing to do to create it.  The more people creating wealth, the more wealth we will have.  The more people we have carrying buckets and taking care of themselves at least, the more we will have to take care of those who really need it.  If people are willing to build pipelines and we support them and help them in their efforts, the effects of their work will be seen for generations.

Put down your protest sign.  Quit waiting for someone to come bail you out.  If you are able, go and pick up your bucket and take care of yourself.  If there are no jobs in your town, move to where the jobs are.  If there are no jobs anywhere, find something useful to do that people will pay you for and make your own job.

If you want to be wealthy and have more than the life of a bucket carrier, spend your nights and your weekends building your pipelines.  Sacrifice a bit now so that you can win later.

Don’t make this country like Russia or China, or Cuba, or even France.  This is America.  Start acting like an American.

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Picture Credits: Maggie Molloy, Website http://www.maggiemolloy.com

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