Reducing Paperwork from Monthly Statements

Some paperwork, like tax returns, you wish to keep around forever, and therefore it makes sense to carefully file it away.  But what about bank statements, power bills, store receipts, and other items you want to keep for a few months but not forever?  If you file those away, you need to then find the time to periodically comb through your old paperwork and throw it out.  This is very time-consuming and will either take up more of your time than it should or you’ll end up with a bunch of old paperwork pushing you out of your office.

Here’s a neat solution:

1.  Create a file folder for each month of the year.

2.  Put bill stubs, paycheck stubs, bank account statements etc… (anything you want to keep for a while but don’t want forever) in the file folder for the current month as you receive it.

3.  When a year passes and you get to the current month’s folder that now has year-old paperwork, just throw out everything in it before putting any new paperwork in (just to be safe, shred or burn everything).  This will allow you to quickly find and dispose of paperwork that is at least a year old.

In just seconds a month you can find and get rid of that old paperwork.  You will also have the paperwork around that you need when you need it.

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  1. The stock market is no longer a place to invest, rather a place to wager. You aren’t investing in the future of a company, you are simply trying to make a quick 2% and then move on. There is so much volatility in this company that putting your cash into it is just too risky. Buy bonds instead and wait long term.

    • Bonds are a terrible bet right now. Interest rates are at all time lows, meaning bonds are at all time highs. They have no where to go but down.

      If you are buying companies instead of stocks, and if you are pannign to hold for the long term, you can do just fine.

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