Why Should An Investor Put Money in your Hands?

Dear SmallIvy,

Why should an investor put money in your hands?


Hello Alime,
I’ve never asked that anyone put money into my hands.  I just provide information for individuals to learn about investing and growing wealth, which I hope they will combine with information from other sources like investing books, other websites, and publications like The Wall Street Journal.  It is them up to them to make their own investing decisions. 
If they still don’t feel comfortable investing on their own at that point, they should talk to a financial advisor as well.  Even talking to a financial advisor, however, an individual will be better off if they know some of the basics.
Having built up a great deal of experience from years of investing, however, I believe my insights will be useful to those starting out in investing.  I also believe, having spent years seeing my broker make more than me while I “played the market,” that I have learned the strategies of how to really make money – a process I call “serious investing.”  I am less than popular with my brokers now since I rarely call, yet I have done very well since I started acting like a serious investor, even making money during 2008 when most people were down 30-40%.  Through this blog, I’m providing information on that strategy for those interested in following in my footsteps as a “serious investor.”

Comments appreciated! What are your thoughts? Questions?

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