Where is the Content?

Allow me to diverge from my normal discussions on investing for a diatribe on an issue that is irritating me this evening. 

I was going through WordPress sites, searching “investment” to find other blogs about investing.  I thought I could see what others were saying, commiserate, maybe learn something, and find sites to which I could link so visitors to this site could see other opinions. 

The first problem I had was that most of the sites had not seen posts in quite some time, maybe several months to a year or more.  I decided that those sites were not worth my time because the owners obviously have found something else to do. 

I then found a few sites with fairly current links.  The first site seemed to have several good articles, but as I read further, I discovered that the site was not creating original articles, but instead just copying and pasting articles from the ezine articles( http://ezinearticles.com/about.html)!  While it was useful for me to find that website, and I may well post some articles there later to advertise The Small Investor, what is the point of republishing other’s articles on your blog?

I found second site that looked good.  When I went there, there was an article lifted word-for-word from the Wall Street Journal!!!! The only contribution from the blog author was to say, “This was from the Wall Street Journal today”.  At least the guy using ezine was doing so legally, since that is the point of the ezine site.  I doubt that Dow Jones (publishers of the WSJ) would be appreciative of seeing their copyrighted content lifted.

Most of the other blogs I found were just random thoughts that seemed to be of very little value to anyone.

We have this wonderful tool that allows anyone to publish.  No longer is it a lottery where a big-name publisher decides if your work gets published or not.  At last the quality of your content can be the factor of whether your ideas get read or not because anyone can publish and have worldwide readers for almost free.   Apparently people have been given a big microphone but are discovering that they have nothing to say!

Don’t waste this opportunity cutting and pasting someone else’s work.   Make something!  Create something that wasn’t there before!  Don’t waste your life being a leech, living off of someone else’s talent!  Change the world in some little way that makes your life worth while.

The Small Investor will return to its mission of providing quality original content tomorrow.

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Comments appreciated! What are your thoughts? Questions?

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